Sponsors of CAWS Inc

Petbarn Norwood

Petbarn logoOnce a month CAWS Inc holds a fundraising barbecue at Petbarn Norwood. With the support of Petbarn we have been able to raise funds required to not only run CAWS Inc, but to subsidise the desexing of companion animals and increase awareness of our core issues, such as Getting to Zero, desexing, microchipping and responsible transfer and ownership of companion animals.

Junior Kennel Club of SA Inc

JKCSA logoThe Junior Kennel Club of SA Inc kindly donated $180 to CAWS Inc in June 2012 to go towards the subsidised desexing of companion animals.

If you would like to make a donation or sponsor CAWS Inc, or are struggling to meet the cost of desexing a stray or adopted companion animal, please contact CAWS.

Friends of CAWS Inc

Animal Aid Abroad

Animal Aid Abroad logoThe aim of Animal Aid Abroad is to improve the conditions and treatment of domestic, working and farm animals in developing countries.

Animal Aid Abroad is a non-profit, registered charity run solely by volunteers that gives all profits from merchandise sales and donations to aid and directly assist abused, sick and suffering animals.

Find out more on their website: www.animalaidabroad.org
Or join them on Facebook.

Australian Rescue and Rehoming Resource (ARRR)

Australian Rescue and Rehoming Resource logoThe Australian Rescue & Rehoming Resource website contains over 1,350 contacts for pet rescue groups, links to cheap desexing, lost and found webpages, and extensive lists of Australian rescue/welfare groups and councils/pounds, plus lots of sound advice for prospective and existing pet owners.

We encourage you to check out their website: www.arrr.id.au
Or join them on Facebook.

2 Responses to Sponsors of CAWS Inc

  1. Hi CAWS,

    I have put together a comprehensive list of links for Australian rescue groups, lost and found sites, council pounds, animal welfare groups etc, on my website Australian Rescue and Rehoming Resource.

    Companion Animal Welfare Society has been included on my Animal Welfare page. I am hoping, if you find my site worthy, to have its link placed on your Friends page.

    Please view my site at http://www.arrr.id.au to see if you might include it.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Thanks Raechel, that is a brilliant idea, the more we support each other, the more the word and help gets out. Well done a great initiative =’.'= Jackie

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