CAWS Inc Committee

Helen Chadwick – Chairperson


Jackie ArnoldJackie is the Public Officer for CAWS Inc. Jackie has always had a keen interest in animals and wanted to improve their welfare. With a big heart, working with injured animals or those on ‘death row’ was out of the question, so Jackie established the Lucky Lodge Boarding Cattery and Jackie’s 2nd Chance Adoption Shelter for cats and kittens in 2002. All the rescues are desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and have collars with name tags.

Jackie is keen to be involved in a group that can help the companion animal. Jackie started a petition last year, aimed at stopping pet shops from selling undesexed animals. Unfortunately going it alone is far to difficult. Jackie is hoping that with the creation of CAWS such reforms will be ultimately be successful.

As a founding member of CAWS, Jackie believes all companion animals should be desexed and micro-chipped.

Jackie is the “hands-on” part of the team; handling animals every day, dealing with calls for animals in need, and taking volunteers for work experience from the local schools and the Wesley Uniting Church Employment for the disadvantaged. Jackie is also participating in a trial by the Marcellin Technical College at Christies Beach, to provide practical experience for students who are interested in a career with animals. Presently, a similar program is only available at Gilles Plains. Through this trial Jackie is educating students about responsible pet ownership and providing valuable work experience at the cattery/shelter.

Jackie is a proponent of the ‘Getting to Zero’ model; wants to reduce the number of pets in shelters; put a stop to the sale puppies and kittens in pet shops; close puppy farms and end jumps racing.


Tegan Whalan (Committee Member) is a dog enthusiast in Adelaide’s southern suburbs. She is currently employed by Delta Society Australia, and has worked for RSPCA SA. She is involved in private rescue, and is also a foster carer for the Greyhound Adoption Program. She is a registered with the ANKC as an ethical breeder of border terriers, and also as a licensed Earthdog judge. Tegan has also trailed her dogs in conformation, tracking and obedience, and been involved in doggy dancing. She is president of the Junior Kennel Club of SA Inc. Her interests in dog behaviour, science, and politics, motivate her to maintain the blog Some Thoughts About Dogs.

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    Please keep up the great work.
    Save animals and give the respect they they deserve and the love they so unconditionally afford us every moment.
    Well Done,

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